Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Delayed, but not dead!

Hello again,

This post is just an update with no useful content whatsoever.

As I am programming our little project, teaching myself (I'm a beginner too!) and trying to expose as much as I can of the C++ language and some Object Orientation, some game engine development basics and all that, as I imagined, the problem gets bigger and bigger.

I am delaying the next post on the tutorial series so I can finish the entire media manager in order to start writing. I am making so many changes on how sprites will work, the animations and everything, so it would be unwise to write part of the tutorial and then change things, making it incorrect or imprecise.

Just so you understand the size of the changes, I'll have to completely rewrite the Media Manager - Part 1 post, since it does not reflect the reality anymore. So, to avoid this problem, I'll hold on the tutorial writing in order to program as much as possible, preferably an entire manager, so this doesn't happen again.

To kill part of the curiosity, here's the drawing function of a sprite as it is now:

This means we will have all the animations of a sprite (say walk, run, attack) inside of it, so no managing several sprite objects for a game entity! A major change over the last post will be the ability to taint a sprite with RGBA values. This gives us the capacity to paint objects however we want, adding alpha and all that.

One of the biggest challenges I am facing right now is getting everything up, tested and running; but I plan on spend a little more time on it from now on, to be able to draw sprites and make a showcase application.

We are going to need the tinyxml2 library, available here, so we can read our files that defines the sprites. I will probably use it for other things on this game, since I don't plan on including Lua or any other scripting here. So, instead of hardcoding stuff, we'll probably insert them in xml files to parse when the game is running.

Well, that's it. I am sorry about the delay, but I am still working! Promise!
Over and Out.