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My GameDev Bookmarks (danger ☠ minefield)

Hello Again,

Long time no post, I've been working more on personal projects than on our little game. A shame, but I will try to give it some more love soon!Today I come to you guys to share something really personal, that is my personal GameDev related bookmarks. As an Open Source enthusiast, I use firefox, even if Google's Chrome is faster; I don't care if it is faster, if it is not mine. So, I'll provide a mozilla firefox json file for anyone interested, here.

It is a relatively big list, some links have been in here for over 5 years. I gone over it deleting most of them, as there were several dead projects and outdated materials. I added a couple more, and included short descriptions for the links.

If you have a good link that I don't have in my bookmarks, please comment and I'll add it!
PS: The Engines folder is on the very end of the post.
Dejaime's GameDev Bookmarks
A link list by several people who have accounts (not my case). Several useful projects.

Create A Repo · GitHub Help
A simple guide to creating a Repo on GitHub.

N Tutorial A - Collision Detection and Response
Some not-that-basic collision detection and response tutorial for 2D environments.
Highscore Vol. 1 - The Video Game Music Pack -
The cheapest and most high quality song set I've seen.
Welcome to the CEGUI homepage | CEGUI
A GUI library that is very promising. Never used it though.
IGDA Scotland Presents: Brian Baglow on Vimeo
A talk on Indie Game Marketing. Very informative. His name is actually Brian Baglow, the title is misspelled as Brain on the video website...
Arcane Dominion: Exporting and Importing Code::Blocks Themes
A tutorial to import color schemes into Code::Blocks. I always forget how to do this.
YAML - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
YAML is a serialization format that, differently from XML, isn't a markup language. I personally don't like XML, I prefer YAML.
[a5 rc4] anomalous blending
This is a short discussion regarding pre-multiplied alpha for 2D, and the main reason I stopped whining about it and started using it. Never looked back.
A music website that has lots of CC licensed titles.
How to Start an Indie Game Business (WIP)
A link list on the Indie Game Buz. Goes from IPs, publishers to funding and selling.
Legal Music For Videos - Creative Commons
Another link for music, CC.

Free Development Resources | Free Resources!
A website with some free art resources. Really small library, but I hope it'll grow!
The Function Pointer Tutorials - Callbacks
A link explaining Callbacks for C++. Very informative.

audiere | home
A high level audio API.
Welcome to the Game Programming Wiki!
A wiki specific for game development. Specially good for beginners.
How to create Box2D collision from a Tiled Map | iUridium
A tutorial on how to create the collision data of a world based on a map created with Tiled Map Editor (which, btw, has the link listed below).
Steering Behaviors For Autonomous Characters
A beginners tutorial on simple movement AI.

SDL tutorials, a rather complete set.
Search Art |
A free art website with a good library.
Vídeos enviados - YouTube (Free Soundtrack)
A youtube list of videos from Free Soundtrack.
Link to the International Game Developers Association website.
Tile Studio
This is both, a tile editor and a map editor. I have only used the tile editing feature.
GTK+ Download: Windows (32-bit)
GTK+ is a GUI Toolkit, very flexible.
Tiled Map Editor
The best map editor I know.
The guide to implementing 2D platformers | Higher-Order Fun
A small article on 2D platformers, very informative.
Valgrind Home
A really good open-source dynamic analysis tool, the best I've used.
It runs on Linux, Android and Darwin systems (no windows).

Dr. Memory Memory Debugger for Windows and Linux
An alternative to Valgrind. This one works on Windows systems, what is a huge advantage, but doesn't have Android support.
index - Haxe
A multi-platform programming language. The code once play everywhere type. Very promising, but lacking badly on Game Development tutorials and snippets.
SDL - Some random links on SDL, been here for ages, I update these from time to time.
SDL Maps
SDL Animation
SDL Entities
Box2D - Some links on Box2D.
▶ Box2D Lesson 2.2 -- Everything we did in Chapter 1 in about 6 minutes - YouTube
Todd's Box2D Tutorials!
Box2D tutorials - Testbed structure - iforce2d
Engines - Several game engines, all free and usable. Most of them are C++.
2d game engine – Indielib
A good 2.5D game engine, slightly microsoft dependent (DirectX and VS are their main targets), so I've never used it. Licensed under LGPL (bad idea for commercial games).

Angel 2D
I totally underestimated how Angel2D makes our lives easier and its overall quality. It is a great prototyping tool. It is only lacking documentation and a real tutorial. Permissive license.
LÖVE - Free 2D Game Engine
A Lua game development framework, made for rapid game development of light games. It also has some awesome T-shirts. Licensed under zlib license, suitable for commercial use.
Oxygine | Oxygine is C++ engine and framework for 2D games
A C++ engine for 2D games for Computers and Mobile platforms. The same as Mutiny, it is a starting project that I hope will do very well on the coming years. Never used it. Licensed under the awesome X11 license.
A link for the SDL official website. Just to say, SDL 1.2 is licensed under LGPL, while SDL 2 is under the zlib license (much better).
Maratis is a visual game editing tool, cross-platform and very high quality. The editor is licensed under GPL, but the engine under zlib.
It is a very ambitious concept, but that is yet to make up for the promises. A really bad compiling solution halted me from using it about a year ago. Haven't tried it since. But I keep the link Bookmarked since I know it will be good someday, just need some more contributors! Licensed under the permissive X11 license.
About FIFE
The engine features isometric and top-down maps and has a rather impressive feature list. Unfortunately, only for computers, no mobile platforms here.
This Java game engine is really complete and flexible. Licensed under the Apache v2.0, that is a long, yet permissive, license.
Cocos2D-X is a multilanguage, crossplatform, X11 licensed engine. You can use it with C, C++, as well as mix it up with libraries such as Box2D. I've personally never used it, but surely will.
This is a X11 licensed engine for mobile platforms, really easy to use and for rapid development. Targets iOS out of the box, but you would need to pay (a lot) for a third-party tool in order to target Android. If you want Android and don't mind paying for it I would recommend Unity's Android version over this engine.
Orx - Portable Game Engine
Another 2.5D engine that is really good. It lacks some features when compared to FIFE (pathfinding to name one), but can target mobile platforms as well as computers. Licensed under zlib.

ClanLib Game SDK
A really awesome 2D and 3D game SDK with numerous great features such as OpenCL support, integrated resource manager, physics, SQLite, GUI framework, and much more. Be sure to take a look. C++.
I guess that's it!
Over and Out!

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