Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Personal Update

Hello Again,

I have been receiving some messages asking why this blog has stopped. The reason is I got a new full time job. I am getting there early, coding the best I can, and studying related things at home. It is a great opportunity for me and they did bet on me by hiring an inexperienced programmer. I am trying to make that bet pay off, for it would be great for me as well as for them. I have almost no free time now, and that is making it harder to fit time to continue my blogging.

I have not abandoned, nor plan on doing so; I am just overwhelmed by the amount of work I have in my hands and my inexperience is holding me back. Still, I can say I am learning a lot on each day, and I guess this kind of learning only comes with real work experience. Of course, I could say "treat your hobby as work" but I cannot name a single person who can actually be 8h a day programming something without being paid for it.

What I recommend today is: treat it as a job, but don't make it a full time effort. Instead of 8h a day, make it 1.5h. But take it seriously. If you couldn't make up for your hour today, make them two tomorrow. Keep track of the time you missed so you can compensate later.

In addition, create some sort of control to measure how much you progressed. One good way is to create a BitBucket account and store your code there as a Git or Hg repository, commit every time you finish a class or something (it is your repo after all). At work I have been using a website called symphonical, but I'm still getting used to it; as of now I lose more time than I gain by using it as I am working almost by myself in a project. I can certainly see value in it when a small team is working on the same thing though, so I am really using it in order to learn, even if I'm on my own by now.

So, that's it! I've a new job and I'm really happy with it! Hope I can get up to speed soon. If my learning curve stay like this, I'll be much better two weeks from now. If you want to try and get this effect on you, don't treat your GameDev as a hobby, but as a 1.5h/day job, and take it seriously.

I hope to create a useful post soon enough.
Over and Out.