Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Bringing project to Steam Greenlight before its shutdown

Almost three years? Time is a rare commodity, these days. Between a full time job, two colleges, commissions, I am depleting all my free time and then some. Still, I have to say that having so little free time has forced me to learn how to actually put it to good use, something I, as many others, needed to. One of the consequences of this good use of time is the unshelving of an old personal project; better yet, a game project.

This old shelved personal is a story driven game, in a sci-fi setting inspired by Beneath a Steel Sky, The Dig and I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream. It is a multiple endings visual novel about three children born and raised without human contact. With lives on their hands, these children have to make decisions and save or doom tens of thousands of people.

I did not intent to push it and rush things, but news about Greenlight being taken down are forcing me to increase the pace. We hope to go use Greenlight before it is taken down. That will be a big challenge, which will certainly test my discipline and speed. All of this will be for nothing without you guy's support, and I want to count on it when the time comes.

Expect some more posts over the next couple of weeks as I try to keep you guys informed. Me and my beautiful partner will be working our essays off to bring this game to life, and that depends heavily on being on approved on Steam.

Given the nature of this blog (it is about programming isn't it?), I must say that the game will be commercial, but will be source available for all those who get a copy of the game. The license will be posted later this week, as I finish writing it.

Wish me (and my beautiful partner) luck!
Over and Out.